Friday, December 30, 2005

And the holidays are over...

Belated Merry Christmas to everyone!

So much craziness and it's over so soon... We didn't have alot of gift shopping to do this year as we were just buying for the children in the family, but with all the trips to Sudbury the week before (3 times), trying to shop in the mall with hundreds of other crazy christmas shoppers it was a little exhausting.

Christmas eve Sean's parents renewed their wedding vows after 40 years of marriage. We had a rehersal and rehersal dinner the night before at the church and helped to set up the resturant for the next day. The ceremony and lunch was so nice, the children in the family had little flower baskets and we all walked down the aisle as part of the wedding party. We all had little flower corsages to wear including the boys and even little baby Caleb! So cute!! At the lunch I got to meet alot of Sean's family that I haven't had a chance to meet yet. So we ate too much food (a good start to the holiday season) then passed out at Sean's parents house for the rest of the day!!

Our first Christmas together was so much fun, I was really looking forward to it, especially as it was our first Christmas together as a family. We woke up and opened stockings and presents from each other and had a huge breakfast. Sean's parents came over for mimosas and Todd and Perry visited before we headed to Sean's parents again for more food!!! I think I put on 300 pounds and there is still let over turkey!! We had Christmas dinner with Pam (Sean's sister), Ken and the kids then did it all over again on Boxing day with Cole (Sean's brother), Cher and the kids. As well as more presents!! Caleb did pretty well, he loved this moving Winnie the Pooh. You shake the rattle and it starts to sing and walk across the floor. He was so fascinated with it!! He couldn't take his eyes off it! It was so cute. I think that and the baby leapfrog book are his new favorite toys!!

I think one of the highlights of the holidays was cutting down our Christmas tree. We went out to the hunt camp property to cut down our tree. We had had so much snow and everything was white and so beautiful. We drove there and got the car and the trailer stuck in a ditch to start with!! We then went out on the property using the atv (a 4 wheeler dirt bike) into the bush, down all these trails in search of the perfect tree!! Yeah that's pretty hard apparently! But we found a pretty good one and cut it down, hauled it back. It was the first time I enjoyed being outside in the snow so I am actually looking forward to doing more winter things. I really want to go on a snow machine. When the road are covered with snow they are everywhere, they drive down the roads and pull into the gas station like a car!

That's all for now... Oh one last thing check out the link new link on the side of my blog - Sean and Maria's online photo album. Some cute pictures and I've been meaning to set it up for a while!

Have a Happy and safe New Year!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Start em' young!!

Caleb playing x-box!! Everything around him catches his little eyes now; the world is such a fascinating place!!


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