Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas is coming... fast!

It's snowing and it seems like it's never going to stop! I am so not ready for Christmas and am finding it hard to get the motivation to get ready for Christmas.. I guess I am a little bit like the Grinch this year! I have my tree up but I can't be bothered to buy presents.. or it more the case that for some people I really don't want to buy them presents. I wish I could just have Christmas with Sean and our boys and everyone else could just disappear and leave us alone! My sis is going to Cancun for Christmas and that sounds peacefully perfect! No family crap, no fuss just sun on a white sandy beach My idea of Christmas.

What else is new.. baby Mason weighed just over 17lbs a couple of weeks ago. He seems so much bigger than Caleb was at that age! He is such a good baby, good sleeper good eater, very social!! Caleb is still a little monkey! But a cute one!

I have a ballet recital on Thursday.. a little nervous about so many people watching me dance! This is the first time in a long time... As long as I don't fall off my pointe shoes I'll be good! We had a lesson with a lady from Sudbury this week it was good, I was a little freaked out when I showed up and the guy from the newspaper was there with his camera! Small town, not much news to report! So I guess we'll be in the newspaper at some point, either today or next week...

Have to work through my mountains of laundry.. I kind of slacked off this week!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dance, Dance, Dance

So I started doing ballet again.. I was doing it before I was pregnant, and during but now it's down to business! I am dancing 3 times a week and was so excited when Tini (my instructor) told me to go and get fitted for pointe shoes! I get to go on pointe! I was trying to explain to Sean how huge this is but I think he has the hippo in the tutu in his head and finds my new found ambition to dance again very amusing.... And I did sign us both up for social dancing so whether he likes it or not Sean is going to learn to foxtrot and waltz!! I think it'll be fun and something fun to do together. I do have a back up in case he bails on me... Perry.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby weigh in..

I took Mason to the doctors office yesterday as he had to have his first needles! Two months old exactly yesterday and he weighs 13lbs 1oz! Caleb weighed 14lbs 5oz in January 06 and he was 4 months old so I think Mason is going to be a quite a bit bigger than Caleb was.... Not that you could tell now as Caleb is a lump and is bigger than the other kids his age at his playgroup. Nothin' like a chubby baby!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Momma of two!

Ok so now I am not working I'll have so much more time on my hands to update my blog..... hahahaha!! I am dreaming! We are now a family of 4, July12th Mason Jon Wright McLaughlin arrived after 26 hours of labour. And yes that is our last one, I don't think I can do that again! (I say that now :)....

Caleb is highly delighted with his new brother! he can't stop kissing him and tries to be a great little helper getting diapers, running to the rescue if he starts crying. Mason is two months old now (time flies) and it is almost time for Caleb's 2nd birthday!!. So I have been busy this week making plans for his birthday and Sean's 40th. I saw the perfect present for him so now I just need to find an excuse why I have to drive for an hour to the other side of the Island so that I can go and get it! It's too bad his birthday is so late in the fall as all the restaurants are closed except for one that is an hour away and that is just too damn far to drive... so I will have to be crafty and plan something else! ;)

So needless to say we haven't been on the boat all summer, and it is almost time to take it out already, but we are hoping to squeeze in one last sailing trip, maybe next week, the weather channel says it is meant to get warmer! Although Sean did get out over night with my Dad, he came a visited for 10 days with his wife and my little sister.

I also had Hilary and Jen come and visit and at the end of the month El, then hopefully my bigger sister (but still little!) and her boyfriend will come in October... then I think that is it for a while. Who wants to come to Manitoulin in the winter? Errr.... nobody in their right mind.

I really am hoping to maybe do some courses while I am off but I am torn... Do I finish my Real Estate License? Or do I try and do a course in something that I could do full time? I was thinking book keeping or accounting but it seems so dry. I worked in accounts rec. and I was bored.. so do I want to do peoples taxes etc...?? I am having a hard time deciding and it is extra hard as whatever I do has to be distance ed. as I live in the middle of nowhere and am not driving 3 hours to go to school... have to get to it soon so I can start somewhere next semester...

So what's the plan for now? Get fit and skinnier, I am doing ballet 3 times a week which might just kill me! I start tonight so I might not be able to walk tomorrow! Go shopping!! Hopefully in the spring we'll jet off to Oman/Dubai/England for a thaw out before Sean gets super busy at work again... he is already booking jobs now for next spring! Thats it for now!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wow it's been a long time...

Just a quick note we are still alive... not having a computer at home sucks!!

Well now it's summer, boat is in the water (YAY!) and we are having a baby in 3 weeks and it is hot!!!! Nothing really new Sean is busy at work, we started our own business this year.... I am almost done work - 2 more weeks!!! Caleb is just busy running around he loves being outside and swimming in the lake, can't wait to get him out on the boat!!

And that is it... I will post more and some pictures but I am meant to be taking the garbage out and I just snuck off to the office!! Back to work!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Nothing new..

Not much new happening here, it's kind of a low after the vacation.... it's snowing, cold and I am back at work... Yay! The new job is going ok, it's nice to just work mornings then hang out with Caleb in the afternoons... I was excited that we could curl up and take naps together in the afternoon, but he has decided he no longer needs them so he is super cranky instead! But won't sleep!!!! I guess we have to work on an adjusted routine.... He missed daycare though, right now he crys because I pick him up at noon and he wants to stay for the whole day with all the other kids!!.. it's nice to feel loved!

Sean's working hard tiling a floor, my new inlaws are back from Florida today. They are leaving the sun and coming to a white out! Gotta love Canada!!

Oh and wow... it's February!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

So much news to catch up on!!

Wow I just looked and saw my last post was November 27th... So much has happened since then! Where do I start??
Well first off the wedding, December 23rd. In case you didn't realise 2 days before Christmas is a crazy time to get married! Luckily my sister flew in the week before so we had an extra pair of hands for the event! We decided on an evening ceremony in our family church followed by a reception at the community hall in town. We spent the day decorating the hall our colours were chocolate brown and cream and it looked amazing. It was the most amazing night, everything was perfect and I think everyone had alot of fun. I don't have any photos really to post as we are still organizing everything but I have a few that my friend Earlene e-mailed to me from her camera. The Laing family made it all the way up from Windsor the night before, Dewar walked me down the aisle and Hilary was one of my bridesmaids. As I only had my sister here the Laings made up the rest of my family! The photos here are myself and Dewar arriving at the church and about to go in and us walking down the aisle.. and my sister and I at the reception sat at the head table.

The day after the wedding was Christmas eve so as the drinking and celebrations continued in my house with Sean my sister and the wedding party, I rushed out to get ready for Christmas dinner etc... We had a pretty quiet Christmas dinner with just my sis, Sean, Caleb and myself which was quite nice after life being so hectic! Boxing day was at Sean's parents house then rushing to pack as we left for our trip the next day after stopping in Sudbury for some shopping to add to our already huge luggage! You know me I don't travel light.... I always pack that outfit 'just in case'!!

First we headed off to Oman.... It was such a long time to be travelling and Caleb was so good! I was so worried that he would spend the whole time on the flight screaming his head off but he just snuggled up to his Dad and slept, cuddled and played quietly the whole time! We really have been blessed with an angel. (That means the next one is going to be a little s**t!) We arrived to warm weather 28 degrees and sunshine, although to people that live their they think it is cold! They should try Canada! We had fun with my Dad touring around, RELAXING, enjoying the sun and Caleb and fun non stop chasing around my little sister Deborah.

Next to England..... Slightly colder... 2 degrees still not as cold as home... we were gradually getting used to the weather back home. England was a little more crazy and not nearly as relaxing, so mucxh family and so many friends to see... plus some sight seeing time in London! Sean could not go to England and not see all the big sights. Unfortunatly the London eye was closed but we'll catch it on our next trip!

After almost a month away I was actually looking forward to coming home... until I walked out of Toronto airport into the freezing cold! Now it's back to reality!! Back to work on Monday - only part time which is great! I started painting my bedroom today... it's red!! And the pregnancy is progressing well, I've only put on 3 pounds so far!! Yay!! We go for an ultrasound is a few weeks so we'll hopefully find out whether we are expecting Zoe Louise or Mason (still undecided on a second name yet)!!!

I'll keep you posted!! :)


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