Friday, May 12, 2006

OK I've been slacking..

So I haven't posted anything in a long time... but I have a good reason for it!! My computer died and now I have to get a new one, so it means I have to run over to the office to get on the web. Ok it's not far to go but with a screaming baby that needs constant entertainment it's quite the chore!!

Not much new to report...

I am hoping to get Anna (my horse) up here soon. The weather is so great, the sun is out and I need to be riding!! I guess there is a Manitoulin Horse Club that I am hoping to get involved with. They do trail rides, small shows and pot luck dinners etc.. It'll be a good place to meet a few people. I could maybe even get into doing some teaching again, although most people here ride western... I'll look a little out of place with my little english saddle on a trail ride. We are hoping to go and see a few friends horse show at the end of May so it'll be fun to get together with everyone again.

Caleb is doing good a little cranky as he has a cold.. I went to get his passport photos taken.. wow is that ever a chore. They can't smile, his mouth can't be open, he has to look directly at the camera... So needless to say, we didn't get any done and we are heading back to Sudbury to try again on Saturday!! Sean takes so many pictures of him that when you put him infront of a camera, he just breaks out into a huge smile!!

Summer is shaping up nicely with lots of plans. Can't wait until the boat is in the water and we can go on some sailing trips. We are also planning on England in September, my sister is coming here for Christmas, then England and possibly Dubai/Oman for New Years!! It's so exciting to be making plans to see people and family that I haven't caught up with in such a long time!

Anyways need to head out in the rain to get to the bank before it closes!!


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