Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our new addition....

Sean feeding the cat hot dogs... Tug hoping the cat doesn't like them!

So Sean came home with a cat yesterday from his brother's barn. It's a 'no name' cat right now as we don't know if it is male or female (let's hope it doesn't start spitting out kittens). It's cute and really quiet, good with the kids... I guess it is used to noise and movement as it was on a farm with horses, 3 dogs and 4 kids running around. Tug loves cats, he always cuddles up with them, he is pretty mellow and relaxed (in the picture above) but Billie however would like to eat the cat.... We are trying to keep them in separate rooms until they get a little more acquainted... The first meeting didn't go very well... The cat was sat on the window sill and we put Billie next to it (he/she/him/her), they were really quiet for about 15 minutes just checking each other out.

"maybe they'll get along this should be so bad after all"

Famous last words, the cat went to move and as soon as it's back was turned Billie went after it. So now the cat is trying to run away, Billie has the cat's tail in his mouth... I am freaking out!!! So now we are going at it a little slower... I did some research on the Internet and we are following the suggestions by The Humane Society of the United States.... It's what came up on google!

I can hear my Mum groaning now.. she hates cats... I am not really a cat person. I find they are very unpredictable.... Sean grew up with cats so he is in love with this little creature. I did remark to Sean though that if I had come home with a cat he would lose it.... It's alright for him to drag stray animals into our house but I am sure that if it was me.... Hmmm lets just say I don't think he would be very happy.... We'll see how it goes and if Billie will give up his prey instinct to chase and eat!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Food, food, food and more food....

Friday night has traditionally become wing night. It started off as pizza and wing night then has become just wing night. Todd and Perry joined us this past Friday and I had to post a picture of the obscene amount of wings we cooked.... and of course of the boys chowing down with their hot sauce and beer! So there you go if you come for dinner at our house on a Friday night you know what you'll be having!

Saturday night was our themed dinner party which was so much fun! After all the agonizing I did make a lemon syllabub. It was a great meal.. there was Macaroni and Cheese from Perry's Mum. (he cheated and his mum made it)

Pot roast & veggies from Sue & Scott and Denise made what she calls 'Prison Food'. A mixture of ground beef, potatoes, peas and basically gravy (it was so good - I am a gravy monster!)

Hmmmm my plate full of yummy goodness!!! And for dessert I made my Dad's Lemon Syllabub.. so easy to make! Here is where I found the recipe, although my Dad said he used Brandy to make it instead of wine. As soon as I tasted it I remembered eating it. We would have it Sundays after a big roast dinner and he would serve it to us in a wine glass.. we felt so grown up!!

Other desserts were Perry's Mum's rice pudding (which he made himself ha ha!) and Denise made the most amazing apple torte it had almost a buttery shortbread base, then a cheesecake filling with jam spread on top then a layer of apples. AMAZING!! I went to Todd and Perry's place Monday on my lunch break and raided their fridge for a leftover piece. I even went as far as to leave a note on the remaining pieces on the fridge to tell them they were not allowed to throw it away, I will gladly eat any pieces left! After much agonizing for about a week and a million phone calls to my Mum it was a fun night... and now for the next one. We are having a Kraft Dinner pizza night? at Sue's place.. it apparently a Canadian thing and one I can't miss out on.. Incidentally did I mention I had hamburger helper for the first time in my life the other day??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saturday's Dinner Party....

Our good friends Todd and Perry decided that we don't get together enough for dinner with our friends. We always seem to be caught up in life running at a million miles an hour and now with the 'wonderful' recession we don't go out for fear that if we spend these pennies we work so hard for there might not be any more to spend... so we just stay home. Sound familiar??

So we are having a dinner party with a theme... (bearing the recession in mind and the need for comfort food in trying times) comfort food your parents made you growing up. Actually it was comfort food your Mum made you growing up, but my Dad cooked to so I made them change it to 'parents'. Except now I am trying to rack my brains to find something before Saturday... I can think of things but bear in mind we live in a REALLY small town with a REALLY small and understocked grocery store to trying to find anything that strays away from REALLY basic requires a two hour drive out of town. I mean I went in there today and they had no frozen pizzas... nothing... not one..??

My options so far seem to be this dish that is made with Kielbasa (that Sean hates), Beef cobbler, stuffed marrow (a veggie like a zucchini that you can't get here)... so beef cobbler it is now I need to find how to make it. I always remember this desert my Dad made called a Lemon Syllabub so I think I will make that too!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You have to watch this!

After obsessively watching The Tudors every night we finally got through Season 1. I LOVED it!!! Now I have to buy Season 2!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

What's in your purse?

So my friend Kavita did this on her blog and I thought it was fun. Especially as men I think are mystified by what we lug around with us, and why we lug it around with us!

This is my purse from the Coach website....

This is my purse stuffed full of crap.... (hmmm not so pretty)

This is the contents of my purse....

My purse I got this summer from my sister for my birthday (best sister in the world who realizes the importance of having a designer purse.. unlike my husband).. I am not going to say how expensive it is but just that I have the best sister in the world and I am very spolit :) And as for the contents:

1. Day Planner (my bible)
2. Wallet (Ugly green old Guess wallet - must buy a new one)
3. Matching coach change purse with a lottery ticket inside it :)
4. Cell Phone
5. Cheque Books (yes there are more that one in there)
6. Pile of bills that need to be paid held together with a clip :)
7. A day planner of bills (when they are due, how much needs to be paid - what can I say I try to be organized??)
8. Passbooks (yes... I carry them all with me)
9. Gum (the little thing of sticks just wouldn't cut it)
10. Mints (in a really cool little case)
11. Pills - Tylenol and Iron Supplement (I carry them with me so I remember to take my iron everyday)
12. Mitts
13. Camera & case
14. Mini Ice scraper (that I have never used)
15. Various feminine products
16. MAC Compact
17. 2 MAC lip glosses
18. 2 notepads (in case I lose one)
19. 2 pens (what?? one matches my day planner!!)
20. Random keys

And missing the day of the photo shoot... my ipod, telephone book and keys to my work place!

WOW! I have also recently take some stuff out of it... Like pictures of the new appliances we just got (yes I am a loser for carrying them around)... What would I do with a smaller purse? At least I no longer have to carry diapers around with me!

oHHHHH I suck.....

Yeah it's been a while (my Mum reminded me)...

I'm in a winter blah......

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Registration Day...

Caleb registered for school today!!! In August he'll be off to JK Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday. We filled out forms then he got to see his classroom he'll be in... he was pretty excited. Painting stations, Mr Potato Head centre, computers, puzzles, games.... He didn't want to leave!!!

On another not so happy note Mason had his needles today... When he screams it is the highest pitch noise I have ever heard! Wow.. and did he scream!!! Poor baby boy. It didn't help that it was in the middle of nap time so he was cranky to begin with... :( No more now until pre school (4-6) hopefully by then he won't scream with such a high pitch! Caleb came to and was telling everyone in the office that Mason was here to have his 'noodles'. May have been a little more enjoyable for poor Mason if he went to the doctors office for some noodles :)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mason Talking....

This was yesterday, Mason was at the kitchen window pointing out Daddy... I am also daddy, as is the babysitters husband... But I still thought it was pretty cute!

Caleb woke up this morning and asked if he could go to church! His grandparents (McLaughlin) will be so proud! Of course he doesn't actually sit through the whole service but goes down to Sunday school, but I was still happy that he wants to go! Unfortunately we didn't make it as we were a little slow getting dressed and getting up this morning. I know a poor excuse soon as we live across the street....


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