Monday, November 27, 2006

Things are moving along...

Ok we are pretty much set.. all I have to do is find a DJ and mail out invites. There aren't too many as it is not a huge affair, but the hall is booked, church, liquor license (not that I'll be drinking), favours ordered, flowers organized, table cloths etc.. rented.. Only 25 days now!!

AND.... I passed my first real estate exam!! 88%. Such a huge relief! I get to start the second one when I get back from my vacation! Yay!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Wedding date set...

So we've decided to get married on December 23rd.. so that gives us, well not very long to plan our wedding... But the timing is right for us and Sean said he would hate to plan something so far in advance and sit around and wait for it.. So craziness it is...

I had my dress fitted Saturday and go back for a fitting on Thursday...

Today we're booking the hall, church etc...

Hopefully everything else should come together this week.

Oh by the way I sat my real estate exam #1 on Saturday.. hopefully I passed so when we come back from our vacation I can start the next one. While I was doind that baby and Dad went shopping and came back with a whole new winter our fit, ski coat, gloves, snow boots, hat plus other things. Caleb looks like he should hit the slopes with his snow board! Super cute!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Big News!!

Guess what??...

I am pregnant!!
A new baby will be on the way in July!! Actually on my birthday! What a fun way of spending it.. in labour!!

We are so excited, it will be a great age gap for Caleb and the baby as they will be close in age, which I think it good as they will be closer developmentally.. And unlike last time I won't be huge in the boiling hot summer! So I am now officially the DD for Christmas, New Years etc...!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Royal Orchid at Sunset in the Benjamins

ahhh it's snowing outsie and this picture makes me warm! I've been meaning to put this up a long time ago, I have more pictures from our trip a couple of weeks ago I'll get them up as soon as I can!!

Halloween outing

Halloween was fun, you can tell I am a new and not so experienced Mum.... I was going to have a cute clown, well, I painted Caleb's face which turned out really cute until he wiped his hands all over his face making it one big smudge :(

I was also going to dye his hair with Kool-Aid. Someone told me that worked, well not really unless I am doing it wrong.. so I resorted to food colouring. Hah! Well my child had a smudged face and looked like he was bleeding from one side of his head.. not cool. So much for my cute clown! Exasperated I put him back in the tub (for the 3rd time) and washed everything off, we ran to the pharmacy (the only thing still open) and bought a pumkin outfit! Not face paint, not food colouring much more baby friendly! We went out trick-or-treating he had fun with his cousins, then we went to visit Uncle Todd and Perry, Grandma and Grandad, Shirley and Chris to show off our costume before heading home to bed! He still has a little bit of a pink scalp!!

I have my real estate exam on Saturday, starting to panic especially as I thought today was Tuesday.. somehow I lost a day!


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