Thursday, April 06, 2006

Amazing photo

I had to post this picture on my blog as it is amazing. Just after Christmas we took out the snow machine for a spin and Sean spotted this owl. I quickly jumped off, whipped my gloves off and snapped this picture. I have never seen a real owl before and it was beautiful. I wish the camera could have caught how wide it's wing span was as it flew away. This is why I love living here. By the way, we just took pictures off the digital camera and there were ones from New Years, so over the next couple of days I will post them in our album so be sure to check out the link. Goodnight!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Weigh in...

Just came back from the doctors....
Caleb weighs 19lbs 7oz!!
Good job we just ordered that new car seat! (For 20lbs and up!!)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

About time for an update!!

Wow, I suck. I didn't realise how long it has been since I updated my blog!! I have to look at the calander to figure out everything that has happened!! Firstly, everything here is going well. Caleb has grown so much, he is huge and doesn't stop eating. We are experimenting with different veggies and fruit, which is always fun and messy! He is sitting up by himself and love to be put on a blanket in the middle of the room with his toy phone to play. The weather here is beautiful, the sun is starting to shine again all day, most of the snow has melted and I even have my windows open during the day. The sun heats up the living room so much, it's nice to lay on the couch and sun bathe! So, spring is here.. roll on summer so we can do some sailing!!

So now for the updates....

Yahaira came up in February for 10 days, so we decided we would get Caleb baptised that way she wouldn't have to fly back again from B.C. We had to have 2 meetings with Rev. Beth to discuss the baptism, one of which the godparents, Yahaira, Todd and Perry had to come to aswell. We even had a rehersal, just so that we didn't mess up our lines!! We had a lovely Sunday morning at church, followed by tea and cake downstairs with the congregation. It was a nice end to the week as we found out earlier in the week that Caleb would have to have surgery on his foot.

We headed off to Sudbury again, this time for a long couple of days.. pre-op consults etc.. For those of you that don't know Caleb had a club foot when he was born and has been weekly casted (weekly trips to Sudbury!) since he was 2 days old. The casting didn't fix his heel as the tendon was too short. So they snipped the tendon, stitched it back up one more cast for 3 weeks and his heel looks normal now.. Just like the other one. He is such a trooper, I was terrified of the surgery and putting him to sleep, but it didn't even seem to bother him. I think Sean and I were more worked up!! Now he has special shoes on a dennis brown bar. It just keeps his feet flat and in a certain position. But it is much nicer as unlike the cast we can take it off and he can bathe or roll around with free feet!!

When Yahaira was here we went to a Thai cooking night at a resturant called 'The old School House' which is just what it's name implies. It was fun, we cooked then sat and ate a huge Thai meal. It was fantastic, so I had Sean's parents over for dinner and recreated it, still yummy!!!

We have a new addition to the family, Sean's brother and fiancee had a baby boy Hugh Albert on March 14th. We haven't seen him yet as he is in Toronto with his Mum. Hopefully they'll get home soon I am sure they are sick of the sight of a hospital.

Well, easter is coming up fast. Another excuse to eat chocolate and get fatter! I got my wedding dress so I can't put on any weight!! We have decided that we will set a date for September next year, and plan a trip to England this year. It's a bit much to do both in one year and my family are dying to see Caleb! That is all for now, I'll try and be better at updating!


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