Thursday, August 14, 2008

Catching up...

So my computer has been broken again.. my wonderful hubby used his superior intellect and his manly powers of observation to fix it. (according to him)

Now I am trying to catch up with my banking, e-mails and reading blogs!!

P.S I think it got temporarily fried by a storm.. I bought more CD's today to back it up.. just in case :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Check it out!


So if you didn't hear about it.... Mason gave us a scare a week ago.. He fell off a slide and was knocked unconscious for 25 minutes. We were air lifted to Sudbury and he had a head CT and X-rays, all was good but we had to stay overnight as he had a concussion. All is good now. My baby boy bounced right back! It was the biggest scare of my life and I did pretty well holding it together until it was all over andI had to go back to work.. boy was I a train wreck. We live in such a small town that when I walked down the street I got stopped about three times with everyone asking how Mason was. By then I was in tears every time I told someone so by the time I got to the bank boy was I a mess!!! but it is nice to live in a community that cares so Thank you for the phone calls, prayers and thoughts. As you can see my baby boy is back to normal and less than a week later he was playing on the beach! We are thinking of getting him a helmet check this out

Now I am totally paranoid and want to wrap him in bubble wrap to protect him!!


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