Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is everyone ready for Xmas??? oh and Happy Anniversary!

2 Years today - Happy Wedding Anniversary honey!!! It does however feel like 10 years! I was convinced actually that it was 3 years this year and was quite shocked when I did the math and realized it was 2! I am so happy we got married at this time of the year. Christmas always has that warm cozy feeling anyways and to have family and everyone around for an extra celebration is great! My husband didn't want me to give him his card and gift last night or this morning... we have to wait until 6pm tonight as that's when we got married!! My good friend Kavita got engaged yesterday - so so happy for you :) and another friend from Windsor also so there is definetly something in the air! Congrats!

Well I have made my list and between my lunch break today, after work tonight and tomorrow I hope I can get everything done.. I won't be able to make it to the chocolate factory and I promised the Laings some chocolate dipped licorice (sorry, they won't be open until the spring now) :( I did pretty good though and on the whole was much more organized this year than previously! Caleb is so excited about Xmas this year... and I am so excited for him! He asks me every morning if Santa came.. then if we can go and see him. We read 'The Grinch Who Stole Xmas' last night and he was very solemn throughout! I have a small Grinch ornament on the fireplace mantle and I showed Caleb and told him that the grinch was watching and if he was bad then after Santa had been the Grinch would steal all his presents... He was really good last night and went to bed when he was told! And took his Grinch book to daycare to tell Jeanie all about it!

Monday, December 01, 2008

December 1st... 24 days until Xmas!

It seems like this winter we have had more snow already than the whole of last winter.... Crazy huh? And we're to get more I guess over the next couple of days. Unfortunately I brushed off the top of our oil tank today and realized that since we moved in we have already gone through 1/2 a tank of oil ... that means since thanksgiving... October.... that also means that there is no insulation in our walls... we are screwed (as my husband put it), it is going to cost us a small fortune to stay warm this winter and in up coming winters until we get to the point (and can afford) to rip out every wall and insulate and drywall

Let's see what else I discovered today... oh yes it's 24 days until Xmas.. and I have nearly no Xmas shopping done.. and the next day I have to get to the city to shop is December 20th Yeah so all you people that live in different parts of Ontario and definitely England.. don't expect your presents on time.. I do however have my cards done :) And soon as I am always trying to do a good deed I agreed on Saturday to wait on tables at the church tea, make 2 loafs o
f sandwiches and 2 dozen batches of cookies (which I will do in all my spare time this week:) You can just see Sean rolling his eyes.. right? Why do I agree to these things? And... now he has to come to the church tea too with the kids! It's like torture for him! Sorry but I can't help but laugh. Caleb and I did decorate the tree, but you can't see pictures yet it's not done.. we try and do a theme every year... this year it's old fashioned Xmas so we are stinging popcorn, making paper ornaments etc... I'll post a pic when we get to it! I did decorate the banister and Caleb is getting super hyped. He got to have his first chocolate from his advent calendar today. Mason on the other had has no idea what is going on and why Caleb is so wound up... but he does like trying to pull the tree down.. Wait until the popcorn goes up!


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