Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I AM Canadian!!

It's official. After 10 years of living here, two Canadian children... I am now Canadian! Just in time for Canada Day! My dear friend Audrey came with me to Sudbury for the ceremony and of course followed by a major shopping trip to celebrate! It was pretty exciting when we finally got there... of course I had the stress of my car being broken right before and leaving all my documents in my safety deposit box at the bank! There were two ceremonies that day and two islanders with me in the first one and Lynne & Kevin in the second one. It would have been so nice to have been all together and had a picture of the newest Manitoulin Canadians!

We went to an amazing Thai restaurant to celebrate... and I had to have one of these....

It is a key lime pie cocktail.. and if you know me you know I LOVE key lime pie!!!! I can't remember the exact name but malibu, lim cordial, pina colada mix, cream and coconut to finish it all off.... SO GOOD!!! Alcoholic liquid pudding in a glass! Yummy! Need to try and re-create that one! Followed by.... just a few of the dishes... we really pigged out!

BUT!!! The most exciting part of the day... well ok it was a very exciting day (citizenship, completely indulgent I am now broke shopping, alcoholic liquid pudding, yummy food) but....


Just the best ice cream place IN THE WORLD! NOW IN CANADA!! And in Sudbury! I thought I saw a sign the last time I was in Sudbury but soon as Audrey and I were having a great day spending money and stuffing our faces with anything yummy we had to investigate!!! When I lived in Windsor my friend Meredith introduced me to Coldstone Creamery. We drove across the border (a few times at lightening speed) to get some before they closed!

Basically they have all these base flavours which you can try and then add whatever you like to.. they make it in front of you on a cold marble slab. Just the best ice cream EVER!!!!

So to finish.... I am now Canadian, more overweight (sigh) and broke!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pencil Test

I went to Sudbury on Tuesday with my mother in law and she said the funniest thing to me that made me laugh. We were talking about getting older - I am having a huge issue with turning 30 and she was telling me about Joan Rivers on TV talking about her boobs being down by her ankles..... anyway, she told me to do the 'pencil test'.

Basically if you put a pencil under your boob and you can hold it there then you are definitely 'past it'. And as you get older it gets worse, forget the pencil do the test with your cell phone, day planner and your purse!!! Man did I laugh out loud! And yes I did come home and try the pencil test not with a pencil but with a sharpie marker and I failed miserably!!! One more thing to share with you....

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dinner at Rocky Racoon!!

I am so excited that Robin decided to come back this year and open the Rocky Raccoon Cafe in Gore Bay. As much as I love to drive to Providence Bay to The School house or to Tehkummah to Garden's Gate, we were really missing a fine dining place in town to eat. Nothing like being able to sit in the 'red roof' overlooking the Bay and enjoy a good meal! Robin's menu is different from what you will get anywhere else on the Island.. he makes a mean curry and great samosas and maple spiced bread. Last night (I meant to take a picture of the menu) he was preparing two curries.. a chicken one and a venison curry, a veggie stir-fry with tofu, chicken stuffed with goats cheese and wild boar bacon & whitefish. I might have missed a few things.... The only thing I was disapointment about what that some friends went there last night and had wild boar steaks.... It wasn't on the menu last night, I was really excited to try it! But I did try the venison curry. I have only ever had venison in the form of a sausage or a pepperette so I finally got to eat 'real' venison meat!

I had a mango lassi to drink... so yummy. It was like having dessert first! I also had the Thai coconut chicken soup to start... It was a little spicy for me but so good that I ate it anyway! Robin will make everything to your taste so whether you want something super spicy or really mild he will make it just how you like it!!!

So I totally broke my diet to have dinner tonight, not only did I have a starter, a huge curry, a dessert drink I also had two desserts... Total pig. We went for dinner because it was a friends birthday and the cake they bought out was AMAZING! Girls, I have found what I want for my birthday cake.... It was like a frozen key lime pie but on meringues, topped with a blackberry compote and frozen blackberries. So yummy!!!!!!

And because one desert wasn't enough I had the Rocky Raccoon balls.... yummy cream puffs!

Now that I have consumed all my calories for one week in one sitting I guess I will have to starve myself for the rest of the week! If you would like to get an idea of the menu here is a link to his Owen Sound restaurant, and if you are in Gore Bay make sure you stop in for lunch or dinner! It's too good to miss!


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