Thursday, October 20, 2005

About that time already??

It snowed here yesterday....
Not ready for winter yet, you know my thoughts on that!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Two weeks old...what I have learnt...

What I have learnt.....
1.) Babies nails grow so fast! (I wish mine did!) You could seriously cut them a couple of times a week, it's crazy.
2.) They love car rides, a trip to Windsor or Sudbury is so easy, they sleep all the way!
3.) They are always hungry; and apart from being a Mum, at times I am sure that I am just a boob to my child.
4.) To appreciate time you have to do things like shower or make dinner or put gel in your hair, because those times are far and few between!
5.) That I am so grateful for Sean's love and support, I can't imagine doing this without him by my side making sure I eat right, drink enough, get enough sleep etc..
6.) A different type of love. I never knew you could love someone so much like this, when I am away from him for a second, I picture his little face in my head and I want to be with him again, no matter how much he crys, poops, keeps me awake or wants to eat!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

One week old!

Caleb was one week old yesterday, and he is still a sleeping, eating machine! We went for his one week check up yesterday and he has put on almost a pound since birth! They took his diaper off to weigh him and he peed all over the doctor. Aparently that is his new thing, he does it every time you change him.

We also made our first big trip yesterday to Sudbury where Auntie Natalie spoilt Caleb rotten at Old Navy with some cute outfits!

We are off to Windsor tomorrow, to do some visiting and drop Natalie off at the airport :( It's going to suck not having her here especially as she has been so much help!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Baby Caleb has arrived!!

Right on time! September 28th @ 5.04am, Caleb Braden Roles was born. These pictures are from today, he is 5 days old! I have pictures from when he was first born, but they are on my sister's digital camera and she left the cable for her camera in England, so I have to wait until she gets back to have them!

Our labour and delivery was great. I was only in labour for 5 hours and Caleb was born 15 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. Sean, my sister and Yahaira were there with me the whole time. Sean and Yahaira were great with helping me with my breathing and staying calm, and my sister who initially didn't even want to be in the room, was the official photographer and didn't even pass out!! I could not have gone through this without Sean, he was so calm the entire time, which kept me calm and focused on my breathing so that I could achieve the natural birth I wanted. He even cut the cord, which he didn't think he would be able to handle doing!!

By lunch time I was ready to go home but we ended up getting transferred to Sudbury as Caleb developed Jaundice and needed to be under phototherapy lights for a few days. That was a stressful couple of days and Sean and I spent 3 nights with no sleep as Caleb would not settle under the lights. We took it in turns to settle him catching an hour of sleep where we could. But we finally got home midnight on Saturday! It felt great to sleep in my own bed again!!

So far so good, all Caleb does is eat and sleep! We have to strip him down at feed time to wake him up. He sleep all day and all night! He is so cute, and has huge eyes!! Well off for a walk, will get some more photos soon!


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