Monday, January 11, 2010

Most upset....

I was laid in bed last night checking e-mails etc.. on my new ipod touch and decided to reply to some comments on the blog. Then I thought I would write a blog post... it didn't work!!! it won't let me click in the part where you write and type anything. Maybe it's just me and I am technically challenged but how disappointing is that??

I still love my itouch though...... :)

I have the best hubby ever.xx

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Blog schmog... yeah yeah I know it has been a while...

Man do I have some catching up to do.... Christmas, winter, books to review, things to gripe about! It'll take me a while and soon as I have to go to work in an hour so I will keep it short and sweet more to follow I promise!

I have to write a music review though... if you believe in the power of music you have to buy this album. Susan Boyle .. she was one of the contestants on Britains Got Talent... same show as the have in the states (America's Got Talent) It is magical and beautiful! This woman can sing, her voice is so powerful get so comforting and gentle. Every song is great, it has made me cry, laugh and reminisce and also remind me that I have to stop slacking off and start going to church again! (Track 4 - How great thou art... one of my favourites!) Caleb loves singing along to Silent Night!

Buy it!! You can get it anywhere.. itunes, chapters, amazon you name it. You won't be disappointed I promise!


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