Thursday, February 28, 2008

Did you hear??

There was an earthquake in England.....??? Weird.

It continues to be winter here, everyone I know seems to be heading somewhere sunny on vaca. Me?? I am going to Sudbury to shop on Saturday... as long as the snow doesn't get in my way. No sun, but some retail therapy is a pretty good substitute. Yeah, I'll take it.

So we didn't make it out ice fishing... too bad although I have a feeling I would have hated it and complained a lot. (or whined alot like my sister - the big one!)

Got a sick baby.. again. It seems as fast as the bug goes through my house it comes right back in!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Family Day...

I wanted to take Caleb to the rink today to ice skate, you seriously could put on skates and walk out of my front door.... It rained yesterday, snow melted and now its frozen again. Nice. If you want to break a hip. Our weather patterns are seriously weird. But in the rain yesterday we went to look at another house that I happen to love. It's far to big, needs far too much work and we could never afford it, but it's beautiful. It's one of those old, 100+ years old homes that would have been so grand in its day. Still is. It has a formal entrance room, pocket doors to the living rooms and dining rooms (which has a piano and an organ in it). The wood work is beautiful and the windows and doors all have stained glass windows in them. It has an amazing view of the water and is full of antiques that come with the house. It would be cool to turn it into an old fashioned hotel and do murder mystery nights!

On another note I found out that someone in town is opening a resturant in the red roof. I am so angry and upset with myself. Someone else opened a coffee shop selling paninis etc.. I had that idea ages ago. Now someone is opening a resturant! This is my dream to have a resturant and I live in a town where there can only be so many resturants.... I guess it's just not my time but I am so frustrated! It's just not the time in my life to take huge financial risk to open a buisness but I am frustrated as I know that's where I want to be and the thought of going back to a boring desk job come July just make me want to put my head through the wall! AHHHHHHH!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

So tired....

Wow I think I am at the point of no return when it comes to being tired... talk about function on auto pilot! Mason has a cold so was up all of last night and I am bloody tired! It's always on the night when we have a late one too... we went to a poetry reading at the coffee shop for Valentines Day and Grandad babysat (Hugh).. then as it was Valentines Day, Sean had to sit through a romantic comedy/chick flick (No Reservations)! So it was a fun uneventful Valentines Day :-)

So it's family Day on Monday and I am thinking I would like to go Ice Fishing... I have never even heard of Ice Fishing before I even moved to the Island, but I wold like to try it once. I am not sure I quite 'get it'. Freezing my ass off, waiting to pull a fish out of a hole in the ice?? But I thought it would be a fun thing to do with Caleb for a few hours....

Anyways I am going to go and bury myself under a few pillows and blankets for a little while!


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