Saturday, January 27, 2007

So much news to catch up on!!

Wow I just looked and saw my last post was November 27th... So much has happened since then! Where do I start??
Well first off the wedding, December 23rd. In case you didn't realise 2 days before Christmas is a crazy time to get married! Luckily my sister flew in the week before so we had an extra pair of hands for the event! We decided on an evening ceremony in our family church followed by a reception at the community hall in town. We spent the day decorating the hall our colours were chocolate brown and cream and it looked amazing. It was the most amazing night, everything was perfect and I think everyone had alot of fun. I don't have any photos really to post as we are still organizing everything but I have a few that my friend Earlene e-mailed to me from her camera. The Laing family made it all the way up from Windsor the night before, Dewar walked me down the aisle and Hilary was one of my bridesmaids. As I only had my sister here the Laings made up the rest of my family! The photos here are myself and Dewar arriving at the church and about to go in and us walking down the aisle.. and my sister and I at the reception sat at the head table.

The day after the wedding was Christmas eve so as the drinking and celebrations continued in my house with Sean my sister and the wedding party, I rushed out to get ready for Christmas dinner etc... We had a pretty quiet Christmas dinner with just my sis, Sean, Caleb and myself which was quite nice after life being so hectic! Boxing day was at Sean's parents house then rushing to pack as we left for our trip the next day after stopping in Sudbury for some shopping to add to our already huge luggage! You know me I don't travel light.... I always pack that outfit 'just in case'!!

First we headed off to Oman.... It was such a long time to be travelling and Caleb was so good! I was so worried that he would spend the whole time on the flight screaming his head off but he just snuggled up to his Dad and slept, cuddled and played quietly the whole time! We really have been blessed with an angel. (That means the next one is going to be a little s**t!) We arrived to warm weather 28 degrees and sunshine, although to people that live their they think it is cold! They should try Canada! We had fun with my Dad touring around, RELAXING, enjoying the sun and Caleb and fun non stop chasing around my little sister Deborah.

Next to England..... Slightly colder... 2 degrees still not as cold as home... we were gradually getting used to the weather back home. England was a little more crazy and not nearly as relaxing, so mucxh family and so many friends to see... plus some sight seeing time in London! Sean could not go to England and not see all the big sights. Unfortunatly the London eye was closed but we'll catch it on our next trip!

After almost a month away I was actually looking forward to coming home... until I walked out of Toronto airport into the freezing cold! Now it's back to reality!! Back to work on Monday - only part time which is great! I started painting my bedroom today... it's red!! And the pregnancy is progressing well, I've only put on 3 pounds so far!! Yay!! We go for an ultrasound is a few weeks so we'll hopefully find out whether we are expecting Zoe Louise or Mason (still undecided on a second name yet)!!!

I'll keep you posted!! :)


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