Friday, February 02, 2007

Nothing new..

Not much new happening here, it's kind of a low after the vacation.... it's snowing, cold and I am back at work... Yay! The new job is going ok, it's nice to just work mornings then hang out with Caleb in the afternoons... I was excited that we could curl up and take naps together in the afternoon, but he has decided he no longer needs them so he is super cranky instead! But won't sleep!!!! I guess we have to work on an adjusted routine.... He missed daycare though, right now he crys because I pick him up at noon and he wants to stay for the whole day with all the other kids!!.. it's nice to feel loved!

Sean's working hard tiling a floor, my new inlaws are back from Florida today. They are leaving the sun and coming to a white out! Gotta love Canada!!

Oh and wow... it's February!


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