Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas is coming... fast!

It's snowing and it seems like it's never going to stop! I am so not ready for Christmas and am finding it hard to get the motivation to get ready for Christmas.. I guess I am a little bit like the Grinch this year! I have my tree up but I can't be bothered to buy presents.. or it more the case that for some people I really don't want to buy them presents. I wish I could just have Christmas with Sean and our boys and everyone else could just disappear and leave us alone! My sis is going to Cancun for Christmas and that sounds peacefully perfect! No family crap, no fuss just sun on a white sandy beach My idea of Christmas.

What else is new.. baby Mason weighed just over 17lbs a couple of weeks ago. He seems so much bigger than Caleb was at that age! He is such a good baby, good sleeper good eater, very social!! Caleb is still a little monkey! But a cute one!

I have a ballet recital on Thursday.. a little nervous about so many people watching me dance! This is the first time in a long time... As long as I don't fall off my pointe shoes I'll be good! We had a lesson with a lady from Sudbury this week it was good, I was a little freaked out when I showed up and the guy from the newspaper was there with his camera! Small town, not much news to report! So I guess we'll be in the newspaper at some point, either today or next week...

Have to work through my mountains of laundry.. I kind of slacked off this week!


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