Thursday, November 20, 2008

More snow...

SO now we really got dumped on.. anyone who doesn't have to deal with this I am jealous!!! I was going to ballet last night and got my truck stuck in the driveway... yes that's right.. MY driveway. And seeing as I wasn't so smart with getting together winter wear I am walking everywhere wet and freezing... I threw away my snow boots in the summer as I decided it was time for new ones so walking in a ton of snow in my Ugg boots just ain't fun! Must get some shopping done.. I did the kids they have all new winter wear... but I guess it always works that way them first and Mum freezing her ass off!! Going to make my way through all the snow banks to work!

Monday, November 10, 2008

New blog name....

So I hate my blog title but I am some what lacking in inspiration.. that part of my brain muscle is severly underworked.. I have a few ideas let me know what you think.. or if any of my more artistic friends or family have ideas I am open to them.... Here goes just a warning... I suck!

The not so random blog
A day in the life of me.
The life and times of my family
The complete blog of The McLaughlin Family
It's all blog to me
Ready.. set .. blog!
100% me.
Back in the blog again
My online journal

First snow fall of 2008!!

Well here we go time to pull out the winter coats & boots... but I haven't been to Sudbury yet so I felt like a mean Mum sending my kids off to daycare in their running shoes!! Caleb was pretty excited and was trying to get outside in his pj's and my crocs while I was outside trying to put away the patio furniture (yeah we didn't do that yet!) But I don't think it will stick around it's mean to be +3 today so there is a good chance it will all melt by this evening! And so the winter begins :(

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Laughing at old photos

Ok so I was adding photos to my facebook and I caught sight of this photo from last year.. may I just say that Mason was way happier to be sat on Santa's lap!! and look how bald he is!!

Caleb's first sleepover & Mason's first meeting with Santa!

This weekend Caleb had his first sleepover... it was so cute! My husband didn't think that 3 yr olds should have sleepovers but I beg to differ. Although a little crazy in the McLaughlin household.. (good job we have this big old house now) the boys had so much fun. We only had two incidences of them beating on each other, the only other crocodile tears was Caleb bouncing off his bed and landing on his head :( The boys here are painting, they also painted my table which is now stained green and blue.. who knew that crayola WASHABLE paint would turn my table a different colour???

We also went to the Christmas market and met with Santa. Caleb was pretty excited and was going to ask Santa for Batman Underwear... Mason on the other hand, as you can probably tell by the picture wanted NOTHING to do with him!! We tried a few times only to get the same response. Usually this is the photo I use to mail to the fam. and put in Xmas cards but not this time! Oh well later in the the lead up to the festive season we have Santa's breakfast so we'll try again then!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Tonight I am going to update my blog...

So here I am with a glass of wine... finally trying to find the time to do this. I love reading other people's blogs, my friend Kavita and her sis are so good at this, and I am jealous every morning when I sit down with my coffee and check my mail, banking, blogs etc.. So much always seems to be going on so I guess I just have to write about it!!

We too had a Halloween party.. it was kind of a house warming, Sean's B'day, Halloween party. Sean insisted (and I protested) that everyone had to dress up. So I invite everyone, plan the food, drink etc.. then Saturday morning I head off to teach ballet and Sean takes over. Boys are useless!! By 4pm he is running around town frantically buying things and panicking because our party starts in 4 hours and he still doesn't have a costume. We live in Gore Bay in the middle of nowhere so buying a costume is not an option! He ended up going as a mummy, and after much frustrating yelling at each other in the bathroom we finally got him wrapped up and he looked pretty good! I went as a Glampire. It's so easy for girls to do the slutty thing.. fishnets, low cut top, wear black, heavy eye makeup - BOOM a costume. Yes not all that innovative I know but I am not a big Halloween fan. I am sure I spend a lot of time in my life doing stupid things I don't need to make myself look even more ridiculous.. That's just my opinion.

I did get to carve pumpkins with my boys which was fun. We made a huge mess on the floor and I didn't care cause they just loved it! We saved the seeds as I just got Caleb a book we've been reading about a little boy that plants pumpkin seeds and grows a prize pumpkin so we dried some out to plant in the spring and hopefully we'll have our own pumpkin patch! Caleb is totally psyched about it! Unfortunately kids suck we put them on our front door step and the next morning one was missing and the other was kicked in. Caleb was pretty upset that his pumpkin was missing.. I felt awful!!! Oh well next year we'll know better!


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