Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cute video....

I love my boys :)

The Garden is in!!!

Yay! I finally got around to planting the garden. After months of tending to these little seed pots it's a relief to finally have them in the ground and I don't have to worry about them too much. It's rained the last two days too - bonus! And my hubby even built a make shift fence out of bright orange snow fence around it to keep the deer out :) When he eventually finds the time to do it (downside of being married to a carpenter) we are going to put a fence around the whole back end of the house to keep the kids in. When they play outside they seem to always be attracted to the road. Funny how that works! We made a good start by setting the posts and one of these days Sean might find the time to get the boards on it! Then we can relax in the sun in our yard and not have to stress about the kids. The boys did get to have some fun with the tractor when Dad was ripping out trees and drilling the post holes :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Where have I been for the last month??? Well let me see.....

Oh where do I start?? First of all things just got busy and once I get out of the habit of taking time to blog it snowballs... Summer is here I know because it is 9pm on a Friday and my hubby is at work and he won't be here Saturday or Sunday.. make hay when the sun shines... Isn't that the expression? One of the downfalls of where we live is that the season is very short, soon all the holiday people that want work on their cottages will go home and then it will snow and my husband will be here ALL the time driving me crazy (with love of course:)

I have also just been feeling down right lazy and a little stressed out! I have an exam on June 17th - a boring banking thing... So I am trying to work on that which is hard with kids, ballet, work etc etc etc... Ballet has been busy organizing fundraisers, exams, performances and our big end of year recital. Taxes - how long did it take me to do that?? Too long! Need to be better organized for next year! House garden renos - trying to paint my front porch, veggies still not in the ground but I did however sprinkle some grass seed around (not very ambitious I know). Family feuds.. errrrh say no more.

So there you go.


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