Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dance, Dance, Dance

So I started doing ballet again.. I was doing it before I was pregnant, and during but now it's down to business! I am dancing 3 times a week and was so excited when Tini (my instructor) told me to go and get fitted for pointe shoes! I get to go on pointe! I was trying to explain to Sean how huge this is but I think he has the hippo in the tutu in his head and finds my new found ambition to dance again very amusing.... And I did sign us both up for social dancing so whether he likes it or not Sean is going to learn to foxtrot and waltz!! I think it'll be fun and something fun to do together. I do have a back up in case he bails on me... Perry.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baby weigh in..

I took Mason to the doctors office yesterday as he had to have his first needles! Two months old exactly yesterday and he weighs 13lbs 1oz! Caleb weighed 14lbs 5oz in January 06 and he was 4 months old so I think Mason is going to be a quite a bit bigger than Caleb was.... Not that you could tell now as Caleb is a lump and is bigger than the other kids his age at his playgroup. Nothin' like a chubby baby!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Momma of two!

Ok so now I am not working I'll have so much more time on my hands to update my blog..... hahahaha!! I am dreaming! We are now a family of 4, July12th Mason Jon Wright McLaughlin arrived after 26 hours of labour. And yes that is our last one, I don't think I can do that again! (I say that now :)....

Caleb is highly delighted with his new brother! he can't stop kissing him and tries to be a great little helper getting diapers, running to the rescue if he starts crying. Mason is two months old now (time flies) and it is almost time for Caleb's 2nd birthday!!. So I have been busy this week making plans for his birthday and Sean's 40th. I saw the perfect present for him so now I just need to find an excuse why I have to drive for an hour to the other side of the Island so that I can go and get it! It's too bad his birthday is so late in the fall as all the restaurants are closed except for one that is an hour away and that is just too damn far to drive... so I will have to be crafty and plan something else! ;)

So needless to say we haven't been on the boat all summer, and it is almost time to take it out already, but we are hoping to squeeze in one last sailing trip, maybe next week, the weather channel says it is meant to get warmer! Although Sean did get out over night with my Dad, he came a visited for 10 days with his wife and my little sister.

I also had Hilary and Jen come and visit and at the end of the month El, then hopefully my bigger sister (but still little!) and her boyfriend will come in October... then I think that is it for a while. Who wants to come to Manitoulin in the winter? Errr.... nobody in their right mind.

I really am hoping to maybe do some courses while I am off but I am torn... Do I finish my Real Estate License? Or do I try and do a course in something that I could do full time? I was thinking book keeping or accounting but it seems so dry. I worked in accounts rec. and I was bored.. so do I want to do peoples taxes etc...?? I am having a hard time deciding and it is extra hard as whatever I do has to be distance ed. as I live in the middle of nowhere and am not driving 3 hours to go to school... have to get to it soon so I can start somewhere next semester...

So what's the plan for now? Get fit and skinnier, I am doing ballet 3 times a week which might just kill me! I start tonight so I might not be able to walk tomorrow! Go shopping!! Hopefully in the spring we'll jet off to Oman/Dubai/England for a thaw out before Sean gets super busy at work again... he is already booking jobs now for next spring! Thats it for now!


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