Monday, September 21, 2009

My list of 10 honest things about myself....

1.) I can't say 'NO' - I try and do everything because of it which is why I am grumpy sometimes.. it drive my husband crazy!
2.) I am insanely emotional - and not just when I am PMSing.. I ball my eyes out at movies, sad stories, weddings..... anything!
3.) I love working - even though sometimes I don't think I do (Monday mornings) I like being busy.. and it is a different busy from being a Mum...
4.) I can sometimes seem confident and stand up for myself but deep down I am a big chicken :)
5.) I am very frustrated with my life from a career/education stand point - I know I can do more and be more successful, it's just doing it.
6.) I am a designer snob - I know what I would spend all my money on if I won the lottery... Designer clothes, shoes and purses...
7.) I loathe bad customer service - I will leave empty handed and never return.. it really doesn't take too much effort to be polite and courteous...
8.) I love shoes - I think you could wear sweat pants or a garbage bag and still feel incredibly sexy with a pair of amazing heels on.
9.) I hate public washrooms and won't pee for days if I have to use a public washroom... ok well maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea! (this is why I don't camp)
10.) I really feel like I have let myself go... I mean not in a majorly way. I still dress up to go to work and try and buy nice clothes but the days of new clothes every season, mani pedi's, a new hair do every 3 months, facials and heels are gone... now I am just 'basic'.

So that's it people!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An award from C

My friend C gave me this award..... I got one before from Kavita but wasn't sure really what to do with it so I will have to go back and look at it... anyways this is what is required of me for this one!

The award has two components. You have to first list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting), and second present the award to seven other bloggers.

I don't actually know that many people that blog so nominating someone else shouldn't be too tough.... the list of 10 honest things?? That will be the next post... I promise.

Sorry to go on.....

BUT hmmmmm french fancies....

This is what I am having for lunch today...

And yes the pink ones are the best!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

All things great and British!

My sis just came over for a weeks vacation... one of the most exciting parts of the trip for me? When she unpacks her suitcase and hands over bag after bag of delightful junk food from the UK that we can't buy here! Ok so all of it not technically British foods but just stuff that you can't get here that I fill my grocery cart with when I am in the UK.

My list:
1.) Jammie Dodgers - shortbread with strawberry jam in the middle
2.) Toasty Toppers - comes in different flavors, spred it on toast, broil until warm... yummmm...
3.) Penguin Bars - Chocolate covered biscuits, best soaked in hot tea then whipping out of mug and putting in your mouth just before all the chocolate and biscuit falls to the bottom of your mug!
4.) Mr Kiplings French Fancies - mini cakes with sugar cream and dipped in icing... pink ones definetly the best... MAJOR weakness in life.
5.) Ready Brek - add powder from box, add milk, zap in microwave... hmmm creamy porridge!
6.) Cadbury's Fudge - only 15p.. they still put that on the package! Fudge covered in chocolate..
7.) Cadbury's Curly Wurly's - braided caramel dipped in chocolate.. why you can't get this here I just don't know!
8.) Marmite - black stuff that you spread on toast. For me it HAS to be white toast or bread with lots of butter!
9.) Poppets - chocolate covered caramels, raisins.... one box missing, I think my hubby swiped it will have to have words when he comes home!

Other things not pictured here: Foxes candys, Barretts mints, Oxo cubes (you get the packets here but in the UK you get all kinds of different cubes) Pickapepper sauce (ok so again not really british but you can't buy it here!).

Off to make myself some tea and penguins!


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