Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yes we are still alive....


It's been a while....

Well it's summer, and in the summer time it's busy here!! Sailing, road trips, visitors, horse shows etc... So what's new?? Well a few things but generally a whole lotta nothin'!!

My Mum and Grandma mada the trip from England. They were so excited to see their grandson/great-grandson. Caleb of course loved the attention! My sis will be back in December for Christmas on the Island, before we head out to England, Dubai and Oman for a vacation in the sun for New Years and a few weeks in January. Yahaira will be coming back to see her godson from B.C hopefully soon x fingers crossed x. I can't believe he is almost a year old.. time flies!!

Went & visited the Laings at a horse show in Owen Sound. Was great to see them, they got to see Caleb again, the last time he was only a few weeks old!

Been golfing lots, I suck but I guess I can only get better!! Oh I also went fishing for the first time ever. It was good I caught 3 fish but Mike wouldn't let me keep them as they were too small :( So much for dinner!!

Hopefully away sailing next weekend for 3 days out to Darch Island and The Benjamins. Pretty excited about that as we haven't done a "big" trip yet! Would love to sail down to Windsor one time, that would be kind of cool.

Anyways I will post some pictures soon, got lots of new ones!!


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