Monday, January 07, 2008

Well it's 2008...

Wow a year goes by fast! And here we are in this weird winter season again. I say weird because here it is snowing and -20 one minute then +10 the next??? So weird and not a bit like winter! Christmas was good to us, maybe too good to me! I was very spoilt by Sean! He went way over the set spending limit which meant my gift to him looked a little pathetic to say the least! Caleb had fun it was his first year really knowing what was going on and who Santa was! Next year I would really like to be away for Christmas, either in England or in Oman... So one of my goals for this year is to keep stashing cash for a vacation (as well as all the other million things I want!)

Mason is growing so fast! He really is huge he is wearing clothes that I remember being so big on Caleb at the same age and they barely fit him! He will be 6 months soon! Ahhh it makes me want another baby! (Just joking!) well I finally took my tree down today. Our apartment is a mess! Sean started putting down laminate flooring (looks like hardwood) on the weekends so we've been doing a section at a time. He just has the living room and our bedroom to do then he's done. It looks so amazing! I love it! (And great for practicing ballet on!) I'll have to take some photos when it is not so much of a gloomy day out!

Well it's back to the grind stone for me! As we have moved so much stuff around, I have again realized I have way too much crap and am early spring cleaning! And cleaning my oven... the dreaded task!! But I figured it needed it after all the Christmas baking - mainly my 22lb turkey! Next week all my ballet classes start again and Sean and I are taking social dancing together.. very excited for it.. but already feeling the pain after sitting on my ass for two weeks! I seriously need to go on a good diet but have no idea where to start.. There are so many out there and it all seems so much work!

No more chocolate in excessive amounts for me :(


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