Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wanna join my pity party?

So it's my turn to feel sorry for myself.... I just feel blah..... I don't know why I had a great morning with C and Audrey. We had another key lime pie get together! Yummy!

I had a rough week with feeling good and doing too much... twice. First time I thought I was going to pass out and the second time my tummy was left super swollen and super sore. I am still super sore. I was so frustrated as I feel good that is until you try and do something. So now I am more frustrated. That I can't do anything. And that I am as sore as I was the first week I came home and this is week 3. Damn.

My kids seem a little peaky. Caleb has been having ear infection issues and Mason woke up not feeling good either crying and being super sucky. Iron man the cartoon seems to have fixed that right now.

Sean is working ALL weekend so I am by myself with the kids. He just came back from spending the night in Espanola and spending time with friends and is talking about going again to Sudbury next weekend again... Nice for him huh?

And I am so upset that I was mean to be in Southern Ontario at a wedding today and because I am super sore and can't do anything I couldn't be there. Boo hoo to me.

So there you go... BLAH..... Blogging it out... I could go on but I won't.... Think I am going to have the last piece of key lime pie instead. Wondering what wine should I pair with that???


just call me jo said...

The key lime pie should help. Maybe you're just in that part where you feel worse just before you're going to feel better. When is next dr. appt? Hope things get better. We all need some pity sometimes. Vent away. I will listen.

Maria said...

Oh Jo you are so sweet! Dr's appt is at 6 weeks... so 3 more to go... Key lime pie was the best! I hope you are right about feeling worse before I get better!

C said...

So sorry you're feeling blah (and still sore)! :( I'm thinking next time instead of bringing a key lime pie, I should bring Martinis?! LOL! Or how about key lime pie AND martinis!?!

If you need anything, let me know. I'm seriously thinking a bunch of us should pool our resources and get you a MAID! LOL! You do so much when you need to be resting. I feel badly we couldn't stay to do any cleaning or anything for you. The little munchkin was in dire need of a nap.

So, what kind of wine did you choose? I'm thinking a nice white with subtle hints of citrus would have paired well with the key lime pie! :) XOXOXO

just call me jo said...

Hi again. I think I will paint the door white eventually. Right now I'm laying low to see what the HOA people do. If they don't yell at me (or worse) in the next month or two, I'll go for the door! I'm such a coward.


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